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A little clarification of my role here

Benson Margulies

Based on a lot of discussion on general@incubator, I've become
persuaded that mentoring can be as much a matter of just being a
member of the community as of hanging off the side and supervising and
coaching. So, since I have some relevant skills in the area of Maven
and releases, I'm just in the pool here. Heck, I might even write some
code if something comes up.

There's a risk, of course, that I'll accidentally throw weight around.
So I'm sending this email, just to be perfectly clear: If I don't
explicitly wear my mentor hat, I'm just another member of the
community, and anyone should feel free to call me out, disagree with
me, whatever. (Of course, even if I do send an _ex cathedra_
statement, anyone is free to appeal to other authorities.)

The other mentors of this project are free to join me or not in this
mode of operation; in fact, it might be a bit of a safety net of some
of them don't.

Now, speaking as a mentor, one of the biggest hurdles of a new
community formed in part from people who have worked on the code for a
living is to get more people speaking up and participating in the
decision-making process. So I'm actively looking for cases where
there's a perhaps latent decision that can be pulled up and made