Apache NiFi MiNIFI C++ 0.6.0 RC1 Release Helper Guide

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Apache NiFi MiNIFI C++ 0.6.0 RC1 Release Helper Guide

Marc Parisi
Hello Apache NiFi community,

Please find the associated guidance to help those interested in
validating/verifying the release so they can vote.

# Download latest KEYS file:

# Import keys file:
gpg --import KEYS

# Pull down nifi-minifi-cpp-0.6.0 source release artifacts for review:


# Verify the signature
gpg --verify nifi-minifi-cpp-0.6.0-source-release.zip.asc

# Verify the hashes (sha256, sha512) match the source and what was provided
in the vote email thread
sha256sum  nifi-minifi-cpp-0.6.0-source.tar.gz
sha512sum nifi-minifi-cpp-0.6.0-source.tar.gz

# Untar and gzip nifi-minifi-cpp-0.6.0-source.tar.gz

# Verify the build works including release audit tool (RAT) checks
cd nifi-minifi-cpp-0.6.0
mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make package make test && make linter

# Alternatively, you may  run bootstrap.sh which is a menu guided
cd nifi-minifi-cpp-0.6.0

# Verify the contents contain a good README, NOTICE, and LICENSE.

# Verify the git commit ID is correct

# Verify the RC was branched off the correct git commit ID

# Look at the resulting convenience binary as found in

# Make sure the README, NOTICE, and LICENSE are present and correct

# Run the resulting convenience binary and make sure it works as expected

# Send a response to the vote thread indicating a +1, 0, -1 based on your

Thank you for your time and effort to validate the release!