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Joe Witt
Hello All,

In the spirit of focusing on community building and fostering contribution...

Here are some example contributor guides I've run across that seemed
particularly good (i'm sure there are many others):

OpenCV's contributor Guide:

Apache Kafka:

Apache POI:

Apache HBase:

General guidance:

Key themes of goodness here that seem common:

- Document how to contribute

- Identify tasks which others can take on easily by labeling them as such

- Respond to contributions in a polite and prompt manner regardless of
whether it will be accepted or rejected.
   If rejected focus on technical details and mentoring.  It is, after
all, quite an honor that anyone would care enough about the project to
contribute so keep that in mind.

- Committers submitting non-trivial changes should follow the same
process as any other contributor

- Be accessible in real-time via IRC.  Be responsive to dev list
questions.  Engage on a use case level rather than purely mechanical
how-to level.

Related discussions we'd had in the past:

Please share thoughts on the items that you think are particularly
important.  I'll volunteer to turn this stuff into a web page soon.