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Fwd: Google Summer of Code 2015 is coming

Sergio Fernández

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Subject: Google Summer of Code 2015 is coming
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2015 23:44:52 +0100
From: Ulrich Stärk <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email]

Hello PMCs (incubator Mentors, please forward this email to your podlings),

Google Summer of Code [1] is a program sponsored by Google allowing
students to spend their summer working on open source software. Students
will receive stipends for developing open source software
full-time for three months. Projects will provide mentoring and project
ideas, and in return have the chance to get new code developed and -
most importantly - to identify and bring in new committers.

The ASF will apply as a participating organization meaning individual
projects don't have to apply separately.

If you want to participate with your project we ask you to do the
following things by no later than 2015-02-13 19:00 UTC (applications
from organizations close a week later)

1. understand what it means to be a mentor [2].

2. record your project ideas.

Just create issues in JIRA, label them with gsoc2015, and they will show
up at [3]. Please be as specific as possible when describing your idea.
Include the programming language, the tools and skills required, but try
not to scare potential students away. They are supposed to learn what's
required before the program starts.

Use labels, e.g. for the programming language (java, c, c++, erlang,
python, brainfuck, ...) or technology area (cloud, xml, web, foo, bar, ...).

[4] contains some additional information (will be updated for 2015 shortly).

3. subscribe to [hidden email]; restricted to potential
mentors, meant to be used as a private list - general discussions on the
public [hidden email] list as much as possible
please). Use a recognized address when subscribing (@apache.org or one
of your alias addresses on

Note that the ASF isn't accepted as a participating organization yet,
nevertheless you *have to* start recording your ideas now or we might
not get accepted.

Over the years we were able to complete hundreds of projects
successfully. Some of our prior students are active contributors now!
Let's make this year a success again!



[1] http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2015
[2] http://community.apache.org/guide-to-being-a-mentor.html
[3] http://s.apache.org/gsoc2015ideas
[4] http://community.apache.org/gsoc.html

Sergio Fernández
Partner Technology Manager
Redlink GmbH
m: +43 660 2747 925
e: [hidden email]
w: http://redlink.co

Sergio Fernández
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Knowledge and Media Technologies
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Sergio Fernández
Partner Technology Manager
Redlink GmbH
m: +43 660 2747 925
e: [hidden email]
w: http://redlink.co