NiFi 1.0.0-RC3 REST API to start a processgroup

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NiFi 1.0.0-RC3 REST API to start a processgroup


I'm trying to work with the REST API to create a workflow from scratch.

I have some troubles with how to start a process-group. I've found this
route in the API, and it is also the route used by the GUI to start or stop
a process

Schedule or unschedule comopnents in the specified Process Group
PUT /flow/process-groups/{id}

But the documentation does not give any information about the query body and
nifi is excpecting one.

And if I give an empty body it says "Unsupportded media type"

Here's a full curl query example I tried

curl -H "Content-type = application/json" -v -XPUT

Any idea?

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