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Notice: NIFI-271 and you

Aldrin Piri

Thanks to Joe for spending a lot of time in tidying up the codebase, we
have a great foundation for providing standards and consistency covering
the issues of code style and licensing.  This is provided via the
introduction of a parent pom located within nifi-parent of your source
checkout in the develop branch.

Accordingly, when you perform a pull for the latest version of develop,
your build process will need some minor adjustments.

1.  Install nifi-parent
2.  Install nifi-nar-maven-plugin

At this point, you are able to work on and build develop as before.

In being forward-looking and aiding in further integration of these
conventions, I would encourage you to evaluate any contributions you work
against with the command and make the changes before submitting an
associated patch or pull request:

mvn -T 1C clean install -Pcheckstyle

This ensures your code style falls in line with the conventions chosen and
will provide a report on any deficiencies in the area.  It is a hassle, but
will aid greatly in reviews and merging down the road.

For additional details and background, please feel free to evaluate the
associated JIRA Issue [1].

As mentioned in the issue, please note that this is an initial step and
continued progress on this will be coming in the days ahead.

Thanks and please voice any comments or concerns you may have.