Problem faced in apache nifi-draco

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Problem faced in apache nifi-draco


I wanted to test below scenario so I built an environment:


The below email came in from Anurag Mishra from

It needed moderation, had a few folks cc'd, and included attachments I
wasn't comfortable letting through.

However, Anurag, just based on the note sent it is important consider that
the NullPointerException appears to be coming from a custom processor.  If
you can provide that full stack trace (text of it) then that will show you
the line it occurs on and likely the problem will be really clear to you or
whoever wrote that custom code.




But during the execution I am facing below error in Nifi-draco. This seems
as something wrong is sent to Nifi.

Error: 2019-01-17 13:43:48,352 ERROR [Timer-Driven Process Thread-10]

Request you to please help me out as I am stuck in the scenario.


1.       Nifi-Draco logs []

2.       Orion Entities and Subscription Curl Data [orion_curl.txt]

Anurag Mishra.