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Provenance graph improvement

Philip Young

I know that the provenance graph view has gone through a couple of different iterations but I always get the feeling when using it that it is like the poor cousin compared to the main interface.

What I would like to see, as mentioned in another discussion, is some awesome sauce applied to this area. It would be more useful to view the exact path that a flowfile has travelled on the main interface. The concept of the timeline from the existing provenance view could be integrated into the main interface when in provenance view mode. When the timeline is advanced, the processor and connectors that the flowfile is currently in could be highlighted (additional data about the type of provenance event could also be augmented in the view). If there is cloning, then cloned flowfile could also be shown in the animation.

I believe that this approach of reusing the main interface for provenance makes more sense, as users are already familiar with their graph and it would be more intuitive to view provenance on the graph that the flowfile actually travelled.

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