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Mark Payne


There are a few ways to tackle this.

You can do essentially what you’re discussing here with the RouteOnAttribute and UpdateAtribute Processors. On failure, you can route to UpdateAttribute. In UpdateAttribute, add a property named “retryCount” and a value of “${retryCount:replaceNull(0):plus(1)}”. Then send that to RouteOnAttribute. RouteOnAttribute has a property added named “retry” with a value of “${retryCount:le(3)}”. Then, you connect the “retry” relationship back to your processor and route “unmatched” to wherever you want to go if you’ve finished retrying.

Alternatively, you could just RouteOnAttribute and add a property named “retry” with a value of “${now():minus( ${entryDate} ):lt( 300000 )}”, which tells it to send to retry if the FlowFile is less than 5 minutes old. Then you don’t need to increment anything but you retry for 5 minutes rather than retrying up to 3 times.

Also, Jenn Barnabee, one of the contributors, has a blog where she’s written a lot of stuff about how to do little tasks like this in NiFi. She illustrates a similar method for doing this here:

Really, we should probably consider making this simpler by having a CountRetries processors that has two relationships: “Retry”, “No More Retries” and just lets you configure Proc A (failure) -> CountRetries (Retry) -> Proc A and CountRetries (No More Retries) -> elsewhere.



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Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Toivo Adams
Thank you for hints, I will check out and do little experiments.
Meanwhile I sent next scenario to Route Based on Result topic.