nifi 0.1.0 is exciting but...

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nifi 0.1.0 is exciting but...

Joe Witt

Was looking through the tickets and of the 207 outstanding tickets
there are 19 scheduled for 0.1.0.

And indeed 0.1.0 is going to be awesome as it provides, among other
things, the ability to command and control controller services and
reporting tasks at runtime and provides a way to view content through
the browser.

But we should figure out what we're doing with the others.  It is
almost as if we're already at the hack-a-thon stage.  In any event
there are at least two important themes to tackle:

1) Establish.  Document.  Publish how to contribute

There are some very clear and important tickets about things we must
do to better document how to develop capabilities and contribute them.
Busbey and Purtell both gave good feedback on this in particular.
I've linked a few of those tickets together.

2) Despite what the Cranberries say we do not have to let it linger

I recommend that once 0.1.0 is in hand we focus on maintenance
releases to knock down this already scary pile of tickets.